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Detox Tincture

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Sometimes we need a system reboot. 

Cleanse your body with our new detox tincture. I’ve formulated this tincture specifically for heavy metal & digestive detox. Chlorella is a powerful resource to clear heavy metals out of the body. It has been found to weaken the toxicity levels of the brain, liver & kidneys. Alfalfa alkalizes the body and detoxes the liver. Extremely nutrient dense, alfalfa can replenish vitamins and minerals (Like Vitamin K) essential for liver health. Dandelion Root supports the reduction of water retention, promotes liver health, helps to heal digestive ailments & fights Urinary Tract Infection. Nettle leaves are potent and work to cleanse the blood by flushing out toxins. Triphala helps to further purify blood & detox the liver. Reishi Mushroom supports full body detox to top this powerful tincture off with its final touch of magic. 

*Avoid use During Pregnancy & Lactation

Organic Ingredients: Artisanal, Meyer Lemon Infused Vodka, Chlorella, Reishi Mushroom, Dandelion Root, Nettle, Triphala, Alfalfa & Palm-Oil Free Vegetable Glycerin