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Sourcing Bee venom Ethically

Our Bee Venom Products work to calm & even freeze muscle contractions, while helping to plump, firm & tighten the skin. Our Ethically Sourced Bee Venom is harvested by using the Pheromone & Glass Plate Method. This Pheromone is applied to a large glass plate and placed next to the hive. The Pheromone attracts the bees and stimulates them to sting the glass plate, ejecting their venom but stopping the loss of their stinger. This prevents their death and the bees go on their way unharmed. The venom is then dried, scraped & packaged. Truly an amazing process!


Amazing Customer Skin Transformations

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About Our

Bakuchi Collection

Bakuchiol is a Plant-based Alternative to Retinol, commonly used in Ayurvedic Medicine. When you make the switch from Retinol to Bakuchiol , you receive all of the powerful anti-aging benefits, without the sun sensitivity, skin irritation, additives or nasty toxins associated with mainstream retinol products. Bakuchiol increases collagen production resulting in healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

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All Wildflower Plant Magic Ingredients are Organic, Wild Harvested or Earth Sourced. We always Source our Ingredients Ethically. Every product is made in small batch with the highest quality ingredients that can be trusted completely. I formulate each product with great passion & care. My hope is to lift up those around me and offer products that aid us in reaching the best version of ourselves- Mind, Body & Soul.

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