My Story

My story is one of redemption and love. I spent years struggling in the depth of addiction. I truly hit my rock bottom before finding the strength within myself and finding my soulmate in the search for a glimmer of something better. I always say love pulled me out of that lifestyle, and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude every day. It became so important to me that I live the cleanest life possible, respect my body, mind & Inner Child. So of course, when we received the news that we were bringing a beautiful baby boy into this world, my focus was to use only the cleanest food & products, knowing that anything I put into or onto my body would also be going to my son. Living an organic lifestyle became very important. I decided to create my own clean, safe and organic products with ingredients that I could trust to use on myself, my family and my son. That is when Wildflower Plant Magic was born! My focus became formulating amazing products using plant medicine with my loved ones in mind. Every small batch is made in North Andover, Massachusetts with the highest quality, organic ingredients that can be trusted completely. My mission is to lift up those around me and offer products that aid us in reaching the best version of ourselves- Mind, Body & Soul💚

Much Love,