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Be Gone! Acne Spot Treatment

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I'm so very grateful that I have found the perfect combination of medicinal herbs with topical magic to treat acne breakouts organically. Using the highest quality skin care ingredients, I've blended cold pressed Jojoba & Rosehip Seed Oils to keep the skin hydrated and avoid drying the problem area out. Rosemary Extract is a powerful anti-bacterial herb, with properties to kill acne causing bacteria. Neem Extract kills bad bacteria and calms inflammation, and also works wonders on psoriasis and eczema.. just an aside! Tea Tree Oil is truly multi-faceted when it comes to treating skin ailments, and is an antiseptic. This oil also dries up insect bites. Lavender Essential Oil gives this blend a lovely scent and also works to unclog pores, reduces inflammation and redness, & destroys the bacteria that is causing the breakout. This blend has a variety of skin healing properties and can also be used on spots of psoriasis, eczema & bug bites!


Organic Ingredients: Jojoba & Rosehip Seed Oil, Rosemary Antioxidant, Rosemary Extract, Neem Extract, Tea Tree Oil & Lavender Essential Oil

Be Gone! Acne Spot Treatment
Be Gone! Acne Spot Treatment Sale price$15.00