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Wander Serum

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Hyper-Sensitive Skin? This is the Serum for you! Our Hand-Picked Baltic Amber Infused Wander Serum is a Skin & Spirit Soother. Baltic Amber is activated by the warmth of the skin, releasing Succinic Acid & reducing inflammation. Baltic Amber has incredible healing powers & is often used as a natural form of pain relief, making this a great daily use serum to support those with chronic migraines & TMJ. Marshmallow is the ultimate calming herb, know to relieve irritation, swelling & redness with it's emollient and soothing properties. Marshmallow is a mucilaginous herb, which helps soften skin & kill bacteria. Antioxidant Rich Hibiscus offers powerful Vitamin C to promote Collagen Synthesis & fight free radical damage from pollution & UV Radiation. These Anthocyanocides also aid in prevention of pre-mature Aging or damaged skin. Prickly Pear & Rosehip Seed Oils alone offer incredible skin healing & anti-aging benefits known to diminish scars & fine lines noticeably. With just the natural earthy scent of these cold-pressed, organic oils, this Serum will support the most sensitive stubborn skin, while still providing the luxurious skin care routine you crave.

Organic Ingredients: Prickly Pear, Rosehip, Baobab & Apricot Oils Infused with Baltic Amber & Marshmallow, Hibiscus Extract & Non-GMO Vitamin