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Peachy Keen Mineral Beauty Serum

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Peachy Keen is the Sister of our Glow Serum. Same gorgeous glow, while giving off a gorgeous, warm peachy tint! This serum has incredible medicinal benefits from Phyto-biotic Agave Extract, which protects the skin from damage caused by increasingly intense & harmfusurroundings and stressors. It not only defends the skin, but also keeps skin looking youthful by generating collagen & working to slow the aging process. The natural sugars from the Agave lock in moisture & stabilize cell membranes. The healing properties of Aloe Vera Extract improve the skins ability to hydrate itself, while soothing the skin. You only need a couple drops to glow up your look and receive the incredible medicinal benefits of these wonderful plants. 

Organic Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Phyto-biotic Agave Extract, Aloe Vera CO2, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Rose Clay, Mica, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide & Non-GMO Vitamin E